Picking a niche for your Medium writing can be challenging if you, like me, have too many interests. But it’s important to choose one area of focus, or you risk creating content that’s too broad to appeal to a defined audience.

What I’d like to do here is give you a list of niches that I have seen on Medium that seem to have gained decent traction. This isn’t a guarantee that a given niche will be a good fit or that it’s the right niche for you, but hopefully this will help get you thinking about what to write about on Medium.

These 38 niche ideas are only a subset of all the potential niches that have potential for Medium, and honestly each one could very easily be broken down into dozens of smaller sub-niches.

But, without further ado, here’s the list:

1. Architecture

If you love the design of buildings and related topics and issues and have something to say about it, this might be a great niche for you.

You could write about neat-looking buildings you’ve seen, interesting landmarks, famous architects, and more.

2. Art

Art is huge, as you can imagine. This could encompass 2D and 3D art, digital art and good old fashioned paper and canvas creations and the like.

If you’re an artist, in this niche you could show off some of your artwork or offer tutorials, teaching a technique or how to improve at a type of art.

Or, you could go a different direction and write about famous artists or art pieces that you appreciate or maybe the history of a certain style. That sort of thing.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is already huge and is expected to become a more and more important part of our lives in the coming years. It’s already affecting our daily lives in ways we may not even realize. As someone who is interested in technology and science fiction, AI is a topic that is fascinating to me – and I know I’m not alone in that.

On Medium, artificial intelligence is a popular topic of discussion. Whether you’re for AI and its use in our everyday lives or you’re adamantly opposed to it, there’s plenty to write about in this space.

Some people write about various AI tools they’ve found or about AI’s impacts on the economy and job market. Others like to write about its potential negative impacts and, like science fiction authors over he past century, urge society only use it with caution.

Wherever you stand on the subject, there’s plenty to say on that.

4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin and crypto currency have been Internet buzzwords over the past few years. Some people love it and some hate it. While this could arguably be lumped in with the economics niche, I think there’s enough here for it to be its own separate thing.

If you do write on this subject, however, please don’t be spammy and don’t go crazy promoting anything.

However, if you want to write about its potential benefits, risks, rewards, etc, then writing about this on Medium might be a great fit for you.

5. Books & Reading

Have you read any good books lately? Why not write about them? Medium is full of book readers and collectors. You could tell your audience about your favorite books and how they impacted you. Or, tell everyone about your favorite author or authors. Recommend new books, etc.

On the other hand, if you’ve read something that you absolutely hated, why not write about that too? No, this isn’t school anymore, but you could write a book report and tell people why you didn’t like a book. Did you like part of it but not another?

6. Business

Business is big business on Medium. Medium has writers from lots of walks of life. Some are business owners. Some are employees. Any aspect of business could be a good topic.

You could write about business ethics, office culture, the 9 to 5, etc. Maybe you’ve been in the corporate world and have some thoughts to share from your corner office or have some advice for others braving the rat race.

7. Cooking

This topic goes hand in hand with the food niche, but it’s not quite the same. This could cover cooking, baking, frying, and so on. Do you have a favorite recipe you want to share? Maybe you have a list of recipes for busy people or for families.

You could discuss how to prepare certain dishes or review recipes you’ve found online or offline.

8. Creativity & Design

While this is similar to the art niche, I consider it a little bit different. This could cover topics like graphic design, the creative process, being a freelance artist or designer, and things of that nature.

You could write about some of your recent work or vent about struggles with clients. Maybe write tutorials to demonstrate techniques or offer some tips for people who want to learn design.

I would also put something like knitting and crafts under this category. You could create content that showcases some of what you’ve done and teaches people to replicate your designs.

9. Economics

It seems that lately, many of us are talking about “the economy.” Aren’t we? If you have some insight or thoughts on the subject, this might be a good topic for you. Maybe you have some insight into the financial industry and can help demystify things for the rest of us.

This could also pair nicely with the politics niche, depending on what kind of politics you write about.

10. Education

Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent of a student or anything along those lines, you could write about your experiences with school or your advice for students or teachers.

Maybe you’ve just graduated and you have some advice for people who are about to start college. Or maybe you’re an educator and you want to share your wisdom with those who will listen.

11. Entrepreneurship

This could be listed under business, but it’s actually a huge topic on its own. As someone who is very much into entrepreneurship, side hustles, and working toward financial independence, this is one of my favorite niches, and there’s so much to to write about here.

You could write about your own side hustle, tips for entrepreneurs, ways to grow a small business, and so on. As you can imagine, there are a lot of subtopics to explore here.

Some websites (*cough* like this one *cough*) even focus on this subject, so there’s plenty of content and inspiration out there if you get stuck.

12. Fashion

While this isn’t something that exactly interests me, I know for many people, fashion is exciting. And this too is a topic that could be broken down into subtopics.

You could talk about fashion for a specific demographic, fashion news, and the like.

You could write about fashion trends that interest you, designers you follow, and other aspects of the industry.

13. Fiction

If you love to write fiction content, Medium has a place for you. Try writing some short stories or even longer-form content. If your story won’t fit into a single post, you could even write in parts or chapters and post each only when you’re ready.

There are plenty of possibilities here.

14. Food

Are you a food connoisseur? Do you have some recipes you can’t wait to share with the world? Write about them. You could review restaurants or even write about recipes you’ve tried to make.

This could also include things like foods for specific dietary needs, and that sort of thing – though if you cover that frequently, you might also consider the health niche.

15. Gaming

Gaming is a huge part of life for many of us, and this could include console gaming, PC games, and even family game night kinds of games.

In this niche, you could write about specific games, gaming equipment and hardware, the industry as a whole and more.

16. Health

Health is a tricky topic whether you’re blogging or writing on Medium, but it’s a huge one. This topic covers everything from men’s health, women’s health, fitness, dieting, specific health conditions, and so on.

Do be extra careful with this topic, though, because Medium cares very much about preventing what they consider to be health misinformation on the site – and I can understand why.

If you make claims, be sure to back them up with evidence and science.

17. History

History is important – not just for the present but also for the future. It’s also a huge topic on Medium. If you have a specific period or aspect of history that interests you, consider writing about it.

Maybe you like to relate history to current events or you like to write deep dives into certain events or periods of history. This is a good topic for someone with an interest in the field.

18. Humor

We all need a good laugh now and then. Humor can be therapeutic, and it brings us together as people. If you love to write funny stories or humorous anecdotes, Medium is a great place for it.

19. Leadership

Whether you’re currently in a leadership role, will be soon or used to be, learning how to be a good leader and lead well is critical to the success of your team and for your success or lack thereof as a leader.

You could write about communication strategies, leadership styles, building an effective team, and so on.

20. Life & Life Lessons

If you could sit down with your younger self, what’s something you would tell yourself? What lesson or lessons would you pass on to the next generation? Lots of people on Medium write about things they’ve learned over the years and offer advice.

Maybe you could too.

21. Love

Dating and relationships are pretty important to us. If you have some wisdom to share in that arena, this might be a good niche for you.

Clearly lots can be discussed under this banner. Marriage advice, dating tips, etc… This is a huge niche with lots of potential.

22. Mental Health

Just as in the health niche, it’s very important to make sure not to inadvertently share what could be construed as misinformation here. Mental health is something everyone should care about, and mental health issues often have an unfortunate stigma surrounding them.

If you yourself have dealt with mental health issues or know someone who has, this might be a good topic for you to consider.

23. Movies

If you’re a big movie buff and can quote lines from memory, maybe you’d enjoy writing about movies too. You might write about movies you love or movies you hate. You could write reviews of movies you’ve seen or talk about certain producers, plots, etc.

24. Music

Similarly, if you’re into music, why not turn that enjoyment into a topic to write about? You could write about your appreciate for specific artists, songs, song lyrics, concerts, band tours, etc.

25. Parenting

If you’re a parent or have some advice for parents, this is an important topic. You could write about your own experiences as a parent or offer some tips for others.

26. Personal Stories

Did something happen to you that stands out in your mind? Do you have a story to tell? Medium can be the place to do that. People love real, authentic stories about real life. Some might be funny. Some might be sad. Medium thrives on authenticity.

27. Politics

This is a hot button issue for a lot of people all over the world. You could write about current political events, politicians, legislation, and so on. Just, again, please remember to follow Medium’s terms of use and don’t write content that could cross any guidelines.

If you choose this topic, no doubt you’ll get plenty of pushback in your

28. Productivity

Do you have some tips for people who are trying to get the most out of their busy schedules? Do you love writing about tools like Notion, Obsidian, Evernote, and the like?

Maybe you have experience

29. Satire

Well placed and well used satire can be awesome. Just make sure to keep it respectful and within the bounds of the Medium terms of service. Just don’t be a jerk.

30. Science

What scientific discoveries fascinate you? Is there a certain field or fields that you find most interesting? Maybe there’s some science news you could discuss. Or maybe you work in a scientific field and could offer some insight.

31. Self Improvement

Self improvement is a massive topic – online and offline. This topic covers everything from self discipline and forming good habits to organization, time management, and so on.

As a topic, self improvement is a massive umbrella under which you’ll find a huge array of subtopics.

32. Social Media

This too is a big topic. Social media has been both a benefit to society and also not great in other ways. If you have things to say about that, this might be a good niche for you.

33. Space

I love astronomy and related topics. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved looking up at the stars and planets in awe. I love reading about what NASA is doing and our efforts to explore beyond our planet. If you do too, why not write about it?

You could talk about news events in this topic, for example.

34. Sports

Do you love content about sports? Why not write some? You might write about your favorite teams or games that interest you. Maybe talk about your favorite coaches or offer some commentary about recent games.

35. Technology

This niche is one of my personal favorites to write about, and it’s where I spend most of my time and energy on Medium. You could focus on Apple products, Microsoft, software, hardware, programming… a whole range of possibilities.

36. Travel

If you love to travel and road trips are your thing, then why not write about your adventures? Maybe you have tips for thoe who are planning to travel. Or you want to write about places you’ve been. You can talk about landmarks you’ve seen, food you’ve tried and enjoyed while you’ve been away from home, and maybe even some sites and experiences that you would recommend.

37. Writing

Do you love writing? Do you miss English class? Writing about writing is an option. Maybe you want to teach people how to be better writers, or you might have an interest in a writing career and could write about that.

You could write about your own experiences writing either professionally or as a hobby. Have you made money from your writing? How could you improve your writing? What resources have helped you? These are all good topics.

Break these down

Every one of these Medium niches is huge and could be broken down into many smaller, more defined subtopics. For example, if you were to write about technology, you might focus on one or a few smaller aspects of it. Instead of writing about technology as a whole, you might focus on Apple products or programming or software or a combination of all the above.

Just be sure to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and truly think through what you would want to read if you were a member of your target audience.

My audience on Medium likes to read about Apple and Apple products, so I write a lot about those things. But your audience will be different from mine. So think about what kinds of topics would work well for you.

Why should you pick a niche?

If you’re excited to get started writing and don’t want to take the time to think this through, trust me. I get it. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s possible to make some good money on Medium, and you’re ready to dive right in and start taking a piece of that pie. I get it for sure.

But, believe it or not, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you can narrow down to a specific topic sooner rather than later. (I do have a method for doing that here: How to Pick a Niche for Medium )

The reality is that no one out there is going to care about anything and everything you care about. I could write about far too many topics because I have way too many interests. But realistically, are you going to care about everything I do? Probably not. If I write a little bit of content for everyone everywhere, I’m probably not going to do a great job of reaching any one type of reader. So I need to narrow my focus and work to produce the kind of content my target audience will want to read so that the majority of my content will resonate with the majority of my audience.

There are plenty more niches that work too

This list of niches for Medium isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but hopefully it helps you think about what you might be interested in writing about. And as times change and the years come and go, more and more topics may come to mind.

Whatever your interests, there’s likely a place for you on Medium. Whether you’re interested in gaming or knitting, you – yes you – can build an audience on Medium around that topic.

Even if you think of something that’s not on this list, search for it on Medium, and if people are writing about it, there’s likely a market for it there. The only question, once you decide on a niche, is whether or not you should stick to only one niche on Medium.