Hey there! My name is Michael, and I’ll be your guide on this… journey of sorts. I’ve created this site to record my journey toward creating a successful side hustle.

I have a day job in IT that I love, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but I believe it’s important to have a side hustle, another source of income of some sort. This site will serve as a record of what I’ve tried and what I’ve learned.

My hope is that it helps you in your journey toward building another source of income.

I don’t have any illusions that I’ll get rich with my side hustle, and I want to make sure I’m protecting time with my loved ones, especially my beautiful wife. But I’m excited to see where this leads, and maybe you’ll find something on this site that will help you, inspire you or encourage you in your journey too.

Nothing on this site should be construed to be financial – or anything like professional advice, and if that’s what you need, please consult a trusted professional. My hope here is merely to log my own efforts and hopefully inspire others to start a side hustle or grow their existing businesses.